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Below is a selection of the latest and greatest news and opinions available in hard copy or on the web. Check back.  We update this regularly.


Planning for Reality - a blog that exposes the fact based reality behind transit oriented development and high density housing across Marin and the Bay Area. The blog is written by San Rafael resident Richard Hall who led the fight to rescind the Civic Center PDA. 


A great synopsis of the current situation in Marin -- “A Grand Plan For Urban Marin,” Marin IJ op-ed piece by Mimi Willard, April 4, 2014 -- This is a succinct and well-researched synopsis of the issues facing us. We consider it “required reading.” Send it to friends and neighbors.


Learn from Larkspur's success -- The Larkspur City Council's unanimous decision to "stop the process altogether" at its June 18, 2014 public hearing is a huge success for opponents of high density housing.  We applaud Larkspur's City Council's decision to preserve Larkspur's small town character and its decision to say no to top down planning.


Learn from Fairfax’s success -- The recent referendum in Fairfax may prove relevant to Larkspur, so there are lessons here for all of us.


Learn from Novato’s success -- The recent success in Novato may prove relevant to Larkspur and unincorporated areas of Marin such as Kentfield. The city of Novato listened to residents and worked diligently to lower the minimum density requirement for affordable housing sites from 30 to 20-23 units per acre.


Learn from Corte Madera’s failure -- The “WinCup” disaster in Corte Madera serves as a wake-up call to all of us. Very few people know the story behind the 180 unit apartment building on Tamal Vista. Here's a good, fairly brief, account.  Let this be a lesson to all of us.



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