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Be Seen, Be Heard, Attend Public Meetings


Voice your concerns in person at public meetings’ open comment periods. They are listening. Here’s a link to the upcoming events (click on the various dates on the calendar to pull up events).  Here are the talking points .







Wear and Share Your Opinion


Wear a MAD tee at public meetings! Advertise the cause! Elected officials will “get it” if they face a sea of red shirts with the same message: Marin Against Density.


If you don’t have a MAD tee yet, wear red at any public meeting. We are distributing tees at a suggested donation of $10 and totes at a suggested donation of $5. 


To get your tees and totes, please contact us at:


(For now, copy and paste email address to contact us.)


Or arrive early before any of the events listed on our calendar to get your tees and/or totes! Get them before they're gone! 

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